Customer Relationship Management

A complete solution including all presales, sales and after sales activities


Monitor business progress, increase customer retention and conversion rates.

Maximize your team results and win new customers using CRM.

Keep track of customer interactions and be more accurate and effective in communicating a new offer.

Register new opportunities

Create and manage activities to perform

Define requirements to be met at each sales stage

View and move business from opportunity kanban

Manage teams, goals, and salespeople productivity

Report by opportunities

Sales dashboard by seller

Calendar by opportunities

Monitor opportunities

Manage contacts across multiple accounts

Manage your entire sales team

Productivity Report by Salesperson

Sellers Management

Customizable user profiles

Defining Sales Teams

Work with multiple sales teams, appoint leaders and managers for better management.

Salespeople Registration and Sales Team Bonds

Register internal and external salespeople, and link them to their respective sales teams.

Monthly Sales Goal Settings

Set and track the goals of each sales team member and easily view their performance.

Assigning Leads to Teams and Salespeople

Get leads from your website or other locations and assign them to teams and salespeople.

Create and Define Lead and Opportunity Fulfillment Flow

Customize the Customer service Flow, define requirements to be met in each phase, and ensure the standardization and the correct use of important data according to the industry and each phase of the business activity.

Lead and Opportunity Flow Management via Dashboards

The many dashboards available to leaders and managers clearly inform the performance of the sales team enabling faster and smarter actions.

Kanban for Lead and Opportunity Interaction

A simple and intuitive workspace for every salesperson to easily manage leads and opportunities. Allows you to interact on forms, move to the next phase, create comments and activities for each attendance.

Lead classification

Sort leads, create leads, or archive them for future contact.

Opportunity Monitoring

Understand the timing of each business, check service history, and define strategies for each business.

API for Website Capture Integration

Capture lead automatically from your website or other locations using the API

Importing Leads from Excel / CSV

Import your leads quickly using an Excel / CSV file. Download the layout and then upload it back to the system.

Create Tasks, Comments, and Visits for Leads and Opportunities

Integrate calendar to manage business, customer, or suppliers related activities. Create activities in the leads interaction window or manage from the calendar.

Task Panel with Viewing Past, Current, and Upcoming Activities

Overview all scheduled activities for your team members. Check the activities by seller and keep track of executions.

Opportunity and Lead Query by Team, Salesperson, and Phase

View team or specific salesperson opportunities, review history, interact by adding comments or activities.

Sending Emails from Lead Phase Changes and Opportunities

Be alerted when the opportunity or lead enters a certain phase, or when it is lost.

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